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All- Boy or All-Girl Schools Offer a Better Education For Some Kids

By Victor Trammell

Single-gender schools are sometimes a better academic alternative for parents to send their children to be educated.

Education Week Magazine recently profiled some examples of all-boys and all-girls schools in the Dallas, Texas area, which are beacons of hope for satisfied parents that approve of the academic experience their children are getting at these schools. The all-girls school profiled in the Education Week article is called Solar Preparatory School for Girls. The all-boys school profiled is called the Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Fred F. Florence.

Solar Preparatory (a K-8 academy) is a STEM-oriented school, which has a curriculum designed to get young girls to participate in STEM studies in numbers equal to their young male counterparts. Solar Preparatory is trying to erase the notion that the STEM environment is a male-dominated world.

Shattering typical stereotypes of female incompetence within the STEM world in the minds of women begins at a young age when they are little girls. Solar Preparatory has aimed to do just that.

At the Young Men’s Leadership Academy, boys are also flourishing academically at the sixth thru eighth-grade educational institution. Boys can be easily distracted. A single-gender environment can ensure that these boys won’t be hindered by the macho games and horseplay that can ensue when they are competing for the attention of a favored girl. This school was built just this past August.

Based on the Education Week analysis, the idea for more single gender schools in Dallas seems like a good one.

“The results were extremely promising, according to Clarita Rivera, the principal of girls’ academy, and Dawn Walker, the principal of the boys’. Students in the single-gender classrooms scored higher than their peers in co-ed environments in Balch Springs and the district in nearly all academic measures, Rivera said,” wrote , an Education Week columnist.

However, parents of the homeschooling movement are deciding every day to take the task of properly educating their children into their own hands.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,





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