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Viola Davis Says Her Daughter Will Never Play With Barbie Dolls

By Victor Trammell


Viola Davis (pictured right) made it very clear during a promotional engagement earlier this month that she’ll make sure her daughter is raised with self-esteem. How will she do it? By telling her little girl to say no to Barbie dolls.

At the early October 2016  Vaseline Healing Project event, Davis spoke directly to correspondents at Essence Magazine about how she raises her 6-year-old daughter Genesis Tennon (pictured left).

When it comes to indirectly etching superior European beauty standards into the minds of young black girls, Sister Davis is not having it when it comes to teaching Genesis.

As for choosing her daughter’s  play toys, Barbie dolls are a no-no.

“Mostly she plays with small animals. I don’t want her to begin to create images throughout her life featuring women that do not look like her at all that she puts too much value in,” Davis told Essence Magazine.

In America, very young girls (and even grown women) are mentally and spiritually killing themselves by developing unhealthy obsessions with what they look like. They say looks fade and true beauty comes from the inside. However, today’s hyper$exualized society is not allowing this value to live in the souls of today’s female breed.

Davis is working diligently to make sure Genesis doesn’t fall into today’s false beauty trap, which is being set for girls by our society’s dangerous brand of popular culture.

“She says the two most important parts of her are her heart and her head. I want Genesis to know that her values are within. [You  have to own up] to your vulnerability or your weaknesses or your failures,” Davis continued.

Davis also told Essence that she believes that today’s black female narrative of strength is damaging. The “How to Get Away With Murder” star is very resolute to say that this narrative needs to be shaped differently.

Furthermore, Davis is doing the right thing by setting that standard at the very place where it’s supposed to be cultivated: The home.

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