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Creepy Clown Craze Causes MI School District to Ban Clown Costumes For Halloween

By Victor Trammell

A U.S. school district in Michigan isn’t clowning with safety issues during Halloween events this year.

According to the Birmingham Patch, a local newspaper, Birmingham Public Schools (BPS) in Oakland County, Michigan has banned students, parents, and other adult volunteers from dressing up as clowns during Halloween festivities at school later this month.

In the wake of a creepy clown craze going on across the nation, BPS has taken precautionary measures.

School officials grew concerned after reports recently surfaced about suspicious people in clown suits “lurking around schools” and “making threats,”  according to the Oakland Press, another local newspaper. District spokeswoman Marcia Wilkinson said children may feel afraid if they see clowns on Halloween because of these incidents.

Wilkinson added that the final decision about bans were left up to the individual principals at the district’s schools. Below is a list of the BPS elementary schools that have enforced student bans on clown costumes during Halloween events later this month:

  • Bingham Farms Elementary School
  • Quarton Elementary School
  • Pembroke Elementary School
  • Beverly Elementary School

Parents and adult volunteers have been asked by officials at these four BPS schools not to dress as clowns during Halloween events later this month:

  • Pierce Elementary School
  • Greenfield Elementary School
  • West Maple Elementary School
  • Harlan Elementary School

Wilkinson also told the Oakland Press that the BPS decision to ban clown costumes on Halloween has been largely supported by parents who have children attending schools in the district. “I think they understand,” Wilkinson said. “Children have plenty of other choices for Halloween costumes,” she continued.

Over the past several weeks, there have been hundreds of reported incidents in cities across the country involving perpetrators dressed in clown suits wreaking terror on neighborhoods and public places like shopping centers.

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