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White Students Walk Out As Prof. Reveals Their African Roots

By: Krystle Crossman

Schools lately have seemed to understand that race is a topic that needs to be spoken about. Teachers are coming up with lectures and lessons that revolve around race. They want to make sure that their students all know what is happening with every race in an effort to try and combat racism before it starts in their young minds. Unfortunately for Dr. R Jon McGee, a cultural anthropology professor for Texas State University, his lecture was a little too real for some of the white students in the class. They made the decision to get up and walk out of Dr. McGee’s class after he said that every single person is a descendant of Africa.

The discussion started innocently enough. Dr. McGee spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement. He did not say that he sided with them but rather tried to open up a discussion about why this group was formed and what they stood for. Racism is a big issue in the country now and more schools feel that it is important to open up discussions with students about. Dr. McGee was simply trying to do this but some of the students in the classroom took offense to the lecture and decided that they did not want to be anymore. One student took a photo of their white classmate standing up and walking out of the lecture hall while the professor was talking.

There were some students who were offended by the lecture but stayed in the classroom instead of getting up and walking out. These students tried to argue their points with the teacher. They did not feel that it was appropriate to make the claim that all people came from African descent. Student Karene Taylor said that it was embarrassing watching the students walk out of the classroom because they didn’t like what Dr. McGee was saying. The professor was not phased as he did not see anyone walk out of the classroom but said that it was a large class.

Talking about racism in schools has been a point of contention with students and parents alike recently. Some parents feel that it is a necessary topic with things the way they are in society today and many students agree. There are some who disagree and feel that the subject is far too heated to bring up in a classroom where there are people from many different backgrounds.


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