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School Suspends Teacher For Telling Black Kids White People Are “Superior”

By Victor Trammell

Rock Chalk Racism is the vicarious three-word mantra that recently erupted out of  a Lawrence, Kansas middle school in Jayhawk country.

America’s heartland has been always been known nationally for its exceptional college basketball program at the University of Kansas (KU). However, the ubiquitous stain of bigotry reared its ugly head last week when a teacher at South Middle School was suspended with pay for spewing a nasty racial connotation in the classroom.

According to local NBC affiliate 41 Action News, Lawrence Public Schools has confirmed that a family member of a black student at Lawrence’s South Middle School witnessed a sixth-grade social studies teacher openly tell a group of students that blacks are “inferior” and will “never make the money that whites make in this country.”

“We jumped straight into action,” said Monique Richardson, a black woman who has a son that attends South Middle School. Richardson talked about her feelings with 41 Action News reporter Tom Dempsey. She was one of the outraged parents who attended the parent-teacher conferences last week to voice their frustration over this incident.

“[This teacher said] that whites are more superior than blacks and that because of the color of our skin, we’ll never make the amount of money that other races make,” Richardson also said in her interview with Dempsey.

According to the Kansas Department of Education, non-white students make up 40 percent of the population at South Middle School. Racial diversity is a obvious reality that the anonymously disgraced teacher at the center of this case is refusing to accept. Bigotry is such a bad look for the culturally harmonious demographic of KU country.

Administrative officials at Lawrence Public Schools have refused to release the identity of the teacher that made these unacceptable remarks. At press time, it was not determined when the teacher would be able to return. Angry parents have called for the teacher to be fired.

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