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The Problem With Telling Poor Kids Hard Work Is Their Only Barrier To Success

By Victor Trammell

The Atlanta Black Star online news source very recently ran a story, which challenged a questionable societal notion about a message that is being ingrained into the minds of children with above average and limited access to resources.

The narrative of the author of this Atlanta Black Star opinion-editorial delivered a to-the-point, gritty, and realistic approach, which accused people of lying when they’re telling poor, intelligent youths that not working hard enough is the sole reason for not succeeding. However, is there a problem with making such a finalization for our children?

Many more open-minded people who realize the hidden barriers that are afflicting those living in poverty would agree that hard work is not the only thing it takes to fight socioeconomic blight. It takes a “work smarter, not harder” approach by the community stakeholders responsible for educating children about becoming more upwardly mobile.

Not only that, you have to have observant and willing people on the ground in poverty stricken areas that are there stabilizing a structure by simply taking better care of what is already available in the community. The flaws inside of the various staples of society that are preventing success from occurring among talented and gifted children goes deeper than mere laziness.

Success limits among some demographic groups of people are capped for other reasons, such as religious beliefs, ethnicity, and education level. However, denying a person an opportunity based on their lack of education is completely legal.

Furthermore, some people (including children) will be proselytized with narrow substitutions passed of as logic on purpose. Hard work is not about being at the mercy of another person or organizational entity for the vast remainder of your life.

There is definitely an alternative to educating your children in the conventional way that is reliant upon a capricious system with a low level of accountability for its biggest flaws.

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