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Here’s What President-Elect Trump Has Promised Home-School Families

By Victor Trammell

If the newly-elected U.S. president has his way, the federal government will be handing out vouchers to parents who want to home-school their children.

Republican president-elect Donald Trump has said that he wants to include home-school families in his multi-billion dollar “school choice” voucher program. Trump talked about his education policy proposal last September at this year’s Values Voter Summit, which was organized by the Family Research Council.

Trump’s proposal is basically a federal block grant funding program, which gives states the option of allowing parents to choose where and how they want their children educated. This “school choice” education proposal is aimed toward parents who have children that attend academically inefficient public schools.

Politico, an independent news agency published the full transcript of the speech Trump made at the annual Values Voter Summit. A portion of Trump’s speech reads as follows:

“If we do this, that would mean $12,000 in school choice funds for every disadvantaged student in America. The money will follow the student to the public, private, or religious school that is best for them and their family. School choice is at the center of this civil rights agenda, and my goal is to provide every single inner-city child in America that is trapped in a failing government school the freedom to attend the school of their choice.” (

Trump’s “school choice” voucher plan for home-school families has been met with strong opposition from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Through its website, the HSLDA expressed its discontent over Trump’s proposal citing the president-elect’s lack of constitutional authority.

A portion of the HSLDA’s opposition statement reads as follows:

“While we have not seen the final plan, and therefore cannot address the accuracy of such concerns, HSLDA will continue to oppose any attempt by Congress or the executive branch to give government money to homeschoolers, because we believe this is outside the constitutional authority given to the federal government and government funds often carry stipulations that limit homeschoolers’ curriculum choices.” (HSLDA website)

This issue should cause some contentious debate throughout the totality of the coming Trump presidency.

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