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Why Homeschoolers Should Have Access To All School Activities and Resources

By Victor Trammell

In the state of New Jersey’s Lenape Regional High School District, taxpaying, high school-aged students who are educated by their parents in the home are banned from participating in athletics and other academic activities at their local schools.

This ban is also being enforced in other school districts in New Jersey, as well as a slew of other districts across the entire country. The Courier-Post, a USA Today-owned newspaper published an opinion-editorial on Sunday (November 13th), which was written by a stauch supporter of a movement called “Let Them Play.”

This social justice movement is strongly against banning home-school students from participating in activities at their local public institutions. Homeschoolers deserve access to the resources being offered at their local public schools for a number of reasons. The “Let Them Play” activist shared some of those reasons in their Sunday Courier-Post article.

After all, there are plenty of school districts out there that haven’t enforced such a ban against home-school students.

“The statements made by the [Lenape Regional High School District] superintendent pronouncing that it is ‘unfeasible’ for the district to determine the eligibility of a homeschooler don’t seem to hold much water when thousands of other districts have figured out how to do it,” wrote the activist.

Denying home-school students the opportunity to participate in life-changing social interactions with their fellow youths in the community is not only questionable, it borders on illegality. The “Let Them Play” movement is seeking to bring a high level of  awareness to this issue in order to reverse these bans.

“The ‘Let Them Play’ slogan is about calling attention to what we feel is an unjust policy that, in effect, discriminates against certain students in our communities by denying them enrichment opportunities, in the hopes that this policy will be changed,” the activist added.

The first step to solving any problem is to recognize that it exists. Hopefully, this movement can build on some momentum and find sympathizers in the policy-making leadership pool who can help.

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