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Black Student “Schools” Teacher About Racism and White Privilege

By: Krystle Crossman

Speaking your mind is a common trend with students in schools these days. Sometimes it gets them into trouble and sparks social media outrage. But then there are students who speak their mind about the truth to try and educate those who refuse to listen. A video has been blowing up on social media of a young black female student doing just this. Her teacher, a white male, was speaking about immigration in the classroom. Reportedly he stated that he wanted to go back to a more American culture and that there were too many Latinos in the country at the moment. This enraged the student and so she decided to teach him a lesson that he will not soon forget.

The girl begins by stating that white people control everything and if anyone who is of a different race says anything about that control they are deemed to be ungrateful. The teacher keeps trying to interrupt her so she tells him that he needs to let her talk. Other students in the video listen intently while some keep their heads down and continue working on their homework. She then brings up his quote about American culture which he immediately denies saying. Other students jumped in to the girl’s aid and agreed that he did in fact say that in those words. She tells him that there is no American culture to preserve and says that because he is white and closed-minded he refuses to accept that fact. He tells he that he is not closed-minded and she can’t tell him that he is. She comes back with telling him that everything that he has said has been closed-minded so yes, she can.

The teacher begins to get angry at this point and tries to interrupt her while raising his voice. He asks her what makes him closed-minded and says that just because he doesn’t agree with what she is saying doesn’t mean that he is. The student tells him that she has had people that didn’t agree with her before but they at least listened to her which he was refusing to do. She told him that he was not willing to accept the truth about the way America really is right now. He asks her about President Obama stating that she said that white people control everything but look at who runs the country. She came back at him telling him that there is a white Congress, a white Senate, and entire group of white people who are the ones with most of the power and control. This girl has more knowledge and understanding than so many people about the way this country is right now and it is refreshing to see someone standing up for what they believe in instead of staying quiet about it.


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