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Black Kid Beaten At School, Told “Go back to the cotton farm”

By Victor Trammell

A black mother in Louisiana is dealing with outrage after her 8-year-old son was physically harmed for trying to protect his 4-year-old sister in an incident that happened earlier this month after school near Baton Rouge.

According to a local newspaper called the Gonzales Weekly Citizen, Alana Jackson’s son Jordan (pictured left), 8, was on the playground with his sister J’Niaha (pictured right), 4, at Spanish Lake Primary School in Geismar, Louisiana. The two siblings were minding their own business when a pair of white children started harassing them.

Jackson told The Citizen that one of the  white children (a young boy) started throwing mulch at her son Jordan. When he told the boy to stop, he was confronted by a bigger, 13-year-old white boy, which is the older brother of the younger boy who was throwing the mulch.

Jordan was then knocked to the ground by the 13-year-old after he asked the younger boy to stop throwing the mulch. The younger boy proceeded to throw more mulch at Jordan’s sister. When Jordan got up from being knocked to the ground, he was physically assaulted by the older boy again.

A third white child got involved in the altercation by yelling for Jordan and his sister to “go back to the cotton farm.” Jordan suffered a broken arm and a severe concussion after being body slammed multiple times during the racially-motivated altercation with the school-aged white boys.

Jordan’s mother has claimed that this is the third race-related bullying incident this school year that her son has been a victim of.

“I am disappointed that our culture has exhibited the behavior that makes our children believe that this type of behavior is acceptable. I am saddened that we have come so far yet are still so far away. I am discouraged that many have given up even though we are so far from finished. Yet I am hopeful that God is still in control,” Jordan’s mother wrote on Facebook.

So far, neither the school district or the local law enforcement agencies have stated that serious disciplinary action has been taken to render justice in this dispute. Both agencies released statements saying they were “looking into the incident.” Jordan’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to appeal to the community for help with his medical expenses.

In 11 days, 1,705 people have raised $53,352 dollars to help the Jackson family in the wake of this incident.

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