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Homeschoolers Are Under Attack In Texas – Here’s Why

By Victor Trammell

In mid-November, state legislators in Texas held a town hall meeting on education, which was hosted by Republican State Senator Don Huffines of Dallas.

At this meeting, Huffines and his guest Randan Steinhauser unveiled a legislation proposal that explained a so-called “school choice” education bill. Many critics of this education bill (which has not yet been signed into law) call the proposed plan a backdoor attack on homeschooling in the state of Texas.

One of the bill’s opponents is Nicki Truesdell, a second-generation homeschooler and mother of five who sits on the Texas Home Educators Advisory Board. Truesdell believes that the upcoming legislation by the Texas state government threatens current homeschool providers and future homeschooling parents as well.

A portion of Truesdell’s statement of rebuttal to the “school choice” education bill that Huffines has proposed reads as follows:

“Current homeschoolers will not benefit from Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s) in Texas AT ALL, but WILL be affected. Only those currently enrolled in public school would be allowed to opt out of the PS and then choose to pay for homeschooling with ESA’s. The face of homeschooling in Texas would change forever. They would have to choose pre-approved, accredited programs. They would not support or approve “mom and pop” curriculua (small companies that thrive with the current homeschool community). The ripple effect of the new face of homeschooling will affect long-time, self-funded homeschoolers with accreditation rules, regulations, and testing requirements.” (

Chris Klicka, an advocate with the national Homeschool Legal Defense Association also gave his thoughts on the Texas-based Education Savings Account programs that are being imposed by the ultra-conservative and predominantly Republican Texas state legislature. Klicka stated:

“I am afraid the soul of the homeschooling movement is at stake. How we respond to charter schools and vouchers will determine the extent homeschooling remains free from government controls in the future. Freedom, I believe, is more important than freebies.” (

A full report with links to further reading on this matter growing in Texas can be found by clicking here.

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