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Education Is Not the “Secret” to Asian Americans Being “Model Immigrants”

By Victor Trammell

Minorities in U.S. are often sold the notion that through hard work and education, gaining attainment of the “American dream” can happen at the same rate it does for the country’s predominantly white dominant culture.

However, due to structural societal barriers, such as institutionalized racism, many minorities in America are not able to achieve the coveted level of success, which is available to America’s elite ruling class. For one existing ethnic minority in America, collective socioeconomic independence is still being achieved in the face of all discrimination-based obstacles.

The Washington Post recently published an interesting opinion-editorial, which was written by Jeff Guo, a reporter for The Post who writes on subjects based on the U.S. economy. Guo’s column was titled, The Real Secret to Asian American Success Was Not Education.

In his impeccably written, recent Washington Post column, Guo wrote the following:

“For those who doubt that racial resentment lingers in this nation, Asian Americans are a favorite talking point. The argument goes something like this: If “white privilege” is so oppressive — if the United States is so hostile toward its minorities — why do census figures show that Asian Americans out-earn everyone?” (The Washington Post)

Well-known establishment public figures who champion the success of corporate America have admitted this reality. Even Guo was quick to point out that Bill O’Reilly, the neo-conservative, white male mainstream political talking head barked the following in this online Fox News 2014 editorial:

“The real reason that Asians are succeeding far more than African-Americans and even more than white Americans is that heir families are intact.”  (Fox News)

Before O’Reilly expressed the previous words in his passage from 2014, a 1966 text article report from U.S. News and World Report validated this idea in the following paraphrased quote:

“At a time when it is being proposed that hundreds of billions be spent to uplift the Negroes and other minorities, the nation’s 300,000 Chinese-Americans are moving ahead on their own [by using their American-based families to impose] strict discipline and traditional virtues.” (U.S. News and World Report)

An in-depth reading source on this blog post’s riveting subject can be found by clicking here.

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