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What Happens to “bad kids” When They Are Removed From Schools?

By Victor Trammell

Noel Murray, a writer and movie critic for The A.V. Club did a review about a compelling documentary called The Bad Kids.

Murray’s film review about this documentary was published on The A.V. Club’s website this past Thursday (December 15th). The review article was titled, “The Bad Kids spends time with troubled teens who fall through the cracks.” Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe are the directors of The Bad Kids.

This film digs deep into the lives of public school children who get expelled from school. Fulton and Pepe should be commended for chronicling the lives of children who are products of the nation’s pre-school-to-prison pipeline, which is being exacerbated by the unrealistic disciplinary policies of this nation’s unified public school districts.

These policies disproportionately displace children of all races who are poor, as well as children of color in all socioeconomic situations.

Murray wrote vividly in his film review about what happens in the lives of troubled students in the U.S. state of California when they are removed from public school due to expulsion. A portion of this film review reads as follows:

“[The children profiled in ‘The Bad Kids’] all attend Black Rock Continuation High School, an “alternative” school in the Mojave Desert. They’ve been accepted there because of their ongoing struggles in regular classes. Some are habitual truants. Some are teen mothers or fathers. Some fell behind on their grades as freshmen and then felt too overwhelmed to catch up. And in nearly every case, the students are dealing with a complicated world outside of Black Rock, managing poverty, abuse, and broken homes in drug-ravaged neighborhoods of dusty San Bernardino County towns like Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree. For a lot of these children, circumstances have conspired to make school about the third- or fourth-most-pressing issue on their agenda each day.” (

If you would like to watch an official trailer of The Bad Kids, please click here.

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