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Public Education Is Under Attack In This Southern U.S. State

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Associated Press

Republican state legislators in U.S. states (especially in the South) seem determined to destroy public education as we know it in a growing number of school districts.

In North Carolina, for example, a big issue continues to make national headlines, according to a recent article published by The Washington Post.

“Republican legislators in North Carolina, who apparently couldn’t accept the GOP defeat in November’s gubernatorial election, just passed a series of bills to weaken the incoming Democratic governor’s power — and one of them affects public education,” wrote Valerie Strauss, an education reporter for The Post.

North Carolina Policy Watch, a progressive think tank that is a part of the non-profit North Carolina Justice Center released a report last year around this time, which went into detail about how the ultra-conservative Republicans in the North Carolina state legislature have wreaked havoc on public education since 2010.

A portion of the December 2015 report from North Carolina Policy Watch reads as follows:

“[North Carolina GOP legislative leaders] moved to consolidate and preserve their power, with gerrymandered electoral maps and new voting laws aimed at making it tougher for people who don’t generally support Republicans to vote.” (Altered State: How 5 years of conservative rule have redefined North Carolina, December 2015)

Republican lawmakers at the state and federal level in the U.S. government are going to have an easy time doing what they want once they’re able to enforce their collective agendas next year as they take control of Congress.

Since a Republican administration will also be in control of the White House, Democratic advocates of public education should expect big changes to come once new leadership takes over in January of 2017. However, public education is not the only option parents have when it comes to academically training their children.

A number of able-minded parents are gravitating toward a growing movement of people who are taking their children’s education into their own hands. There are a vast amount of resources out there to help families be well-prepared and effective home-school educators.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,

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