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Obama Administration Releases Report Showing Its Results From Helping Minority Girls

By Victor Trammell

In March of 2009, the Obama Administration created the White House Council On Women and Girls (COWAC).

According to Black Enterprise Magazine, a new report has been released, which reveals the progress the Obama Administration has made since the COWAC initiative was started. Particular attention has been paid to the amount of support that has went toward Black and Latina school-aged girls who live in America.

On Thursday (December 22nd), Carolyn M. Brown, a contributor to Black Enterprise wrote the following in an informative article, which the magazine published online. Brown’s article covered the Obama Administration’s track record on the effort that has been made on this special program. Her article partially reads as follows:

“The 2016 report is a follow-up to the 2014 and 2015 reports, as well as a summary of the Obama administration’s accomplishments. In November 2014, the White House released a report titled Women and Girls of Color: Addressing Challenges and Expanding Opportunities to identify barriers. It discussed important issues such as education, economic security, violence against women, health and safety, and criminal and juvenile justice.” (

Valerie Jarrett is a senior adviser of President Obama’s and the chair of the White House’s Council on Women and Girls program. She wrote a column, which was published online by The Grio pointing out the Obama Administration’s agenda of COWAC and its goals.

“We have taken important steps forward to elevate and address key issues that disproportionately affect women and girls of color, including women and girls from marginalized and under-served populations,” Jarrett wrote in her column for The Grio.

“Moreover, the call to action around this work has inspired philanthropic leaders, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to continue efforts that sustain and build upon the progress we’ve seen over the past eight years,” Jarrett added.

The nation certainly needs to know about the benchmarks that have been made since the COWAC initiative was started. A full report on the White House’s assessment of this program for minority girls can be read by clicking link number two on the last listed research source for this article.

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