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10 Scientifically Proven Secrets To Raising Successful Kids

By: Krystle Crossman

All parents want their kids to become successful when they grow older. Science shows that there are several different factors that can help you with that goal. Here are ten things that successful children have in common:

1. Their parents have graduated high school or college. A study by Bowling Green State University showed that kids were motivated by the success that their parents had with their education and wanted to strive for the same academic goals.

2. They did chores when they were younger: Kids who have daily or weekly chores starting when they are young tend to be more successful because they lean about responsibility, accountability, and time management. All of these plus basic homemaking skills are essential for adulthood.

3. They learn math at an early age: Children who have parents that teach them math from an early age are more likely to become successful according to a study from Northwestern University. Lead researcher Greg Duncan states that the more math skills they develop early on, the better their reading skills will be.

4. A child’s mindset over where their success comes from helps them to work harder: A study from Stanford University showed that there are two different mindsets that will help children to become successful. The first is called a “fixed” mindset where they believe that their natural abilities are what makes them such a success. Next is the “growth” mindset where they understand that success comes through learning and hard work.

5. They learn about social skills early: Pennsylvania State University and Duke University produced a study that showed that children who learn acceptable social skills such as being kind to others, helping their peers, and getting involved in social situations, were more likely to become successful adults down the road.

6. The parents and children have a strong relationship: Children who come from homes with a strong family bond are more likely to become successful because they are in an environment of encouragement.

7. They learn about “grit”: Psychologist Angela Duckworth said that grit is a tendency to keep an interest in long-term goals and have a desire to achieve those goals. Kids who learn about this early on are more likely to go out and tackle their biggest goals.

8. Their mother’s are calm and have little stress: Children who grow up in a home where their mother has a low stress level are more likely to go on to be successful. A mother’s emotions can affect a child and catch like wildfire. If their mother is calm, relaxed, and focused the child is more likely to have the same mindset which makes achieving their goals that much easier.

9. Their parents have high expectations: When a parent expects greatness from their child they help them more along the way to achieve that success. The kids don’t want to let their parents down and appreciate the encouragement so they will work harder.

10. Their parents develop a close relationship with the child: Even if the family as a whole is a family of conflict, one parent having a strong relationship with a child can mean everything. A study published in PsyBlog showed that children who had parents that were in tune with their needs had a better chance of success.


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