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School District’s Efforts to End Discrimination Against Black Students Backfires

By Victor Trammell

Last week just prior to the New Year’s Day holiday, The Houston Chronicle newspaper published an article on it’s online platform, which profiled a disappointing story about a district’s failed attempted to stop the discrimination being lodged against black students attending public schools located within the city limits.

Texas’ Houston Independent School District (HISD) has been trying for the last ten years to prevent education specialists from over-labeling black children as special education students. However, it appears that the HISD plan to do this was inefficient and the efforts to make this necessary change garnered results that totally backfired.

Brian Rosenthal is an accomplished education expert and journalist for the Houston Chronicle. He wrote the recently published article, which covered the failed HISD initiative to prevent discrimination against black students who have been inaccurately labeled as special needs children in Houston’s schools over the last generation.

“African-Americans in Houston are actually less likely to receive special education services than students of any race in almost any other big city in the United States, statistics show. Houston’s overall special education rate of 7.26 percent is virtually last among the nation’s 50 largest cities and less than half those in Boston or New York,” Rosenthal wrote.

“And in concentrating on the over-identification of African Americans, [HISD] hasn’t addressed the lower rates among other groups, especially Hispanics, who are less likely to get services, according to district data and records,” he continued.

Rosenthal’s report on the disaster going on in Houston, Texas is very compelling and it addresses a major problem, which is being duplicated in a vast number of U.S. cities across the country. Some of America’s most established school districts in a vast number of U.S. metropolitan areas have failed to stop the “over-identification” of black children as educationally problematic.

The wholesale medicating operations being disproportionately leveled against black children are not proven “learning disability treatment measures.” These initiatives are also causing a vast number of black children to fall into the foster care system and create an added burden on U.S. taxpayers to build a special needs child treatment bridge to nowhere.

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