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This Rising Star Quit College & Is Now A Partner at Buzzfeed

By: Krystle Crossman

Going to college can often mean a higher paying job and better career opportunities after graduation. But for some college is not everything. Quinta Brunson proved this when she dropped out of Temple University. She just became one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 for Hollywood and Entertainment. Once Brunson left Temple she went on to become a development partner for BuzzFeed. She now has a hand in creating shows that have millions of views.

The 27-year-old Los Angeles resident started her career through Instagram. She created her own web series called “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date.” It went viral and BuzzFeed took notice. She started with the company 2014 and has been a rising star ever since. She has created three hit shows one of which was bought by YouTube Red. Brunson is proving to people that college is not necessarily everything when it comes to your career and your ability to succeed.

While she was at college, Brunson became infatuated with shows like Saturday Night Live. She researched everything she could about sketch comedy and other shows such as The Office. She learned about their type of humor, she concentrated on the writing style, and she learned about the actors. Her parents became worried with her grade started slipping because she was missing more and more school as she focused on her true passion. She ended up working at an Apple store so that she could save enough money to move out to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Once she was in California she and a friend created the viral video series that started her career.

BuzzFeed took notice of her series and invited her to do a test video series with them. She fell in love with the company and the work that they did and quickly became a part of the team. She enjoys the creative team that she works with and the passion that everybody has for what they do. Brunson’s proudest moment was when she sold her show Broke which featured three black lead actors. She told Cosmopolitan that she wants to help break Hollywood out of the mold of the same narrative being told over and over again. She said that there are not enough creative black people behind the scenes of new shows. She feels that once there are more black people who work on creating shows such as Broke the mold will be broken in Hollywood.


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