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Threats From ‘KKK Twitter’ Lead to Heavy Police Presence at Numerous Schools

By Victor Trammell

By using social media, America’s most notorious domestic terrorist organization struck caution into a community in Annapolis, Maryland by lodging a series of online threats directed at black school students.

According to the Annapolis Patch newspaper, police swarmed Annapolis High School and Arundel High School on Tuesday morning (January 10th) in response to a Twitter posting made by a user calling themselves “KKKforreal.” The heavy presence by the Anne Arundel County Police occurred after a cryptic threat against the county’s schools was made on Monday evening (January 9th).

However, the Monday night KKK-inspired threats of violence that were made against black students at the two high schools in Anne Arundel County were not the first threats made against the public education institutions. Similar threats of violence against black students were made in the recent days before as well.

Annapolis Patch reporter Deb Belt wrote the following in an article about these incidents, which was published online earlier today:

“In the threat made at Annapolis [High School], the user tweeted at the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Twitter account that it was ‘blowing up Annapolis High school.’ It also wrote that ‘black (expletive) better run!!’ reports the Capital-Gazette. Anne Arundel County Police spokesman Marc Limansky says the department is investigating the threat, but there is nothing to indicate it is credible. Additional officers are at the schools to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.'” (

Though law enforcement officials claimed the threat wasn’t credible, they took no chances and organized mass patrols in an effort to stave off any potential attack on schools, which could have been committed by depraved sympathizers of the KKK. The school district will remain on high alert.

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