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Here is a Great Example of the Praise Homeschooling is Getting Globally

By Victor Trammell

In the Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia, homeschooling is getting a strong endorsement from groups that claim that it is a better alternative for teaching children in light of the rising costs of private education.

According to the Free Malaysia Today newspaper, the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia Facebook (HHMF) group is contributing to the increased amount of parents who are educating their young children at home. Patsy Woo, HHMF’s founder told Free Malaysia Today that homeschooling is working out as a cost-efficient and highly flexible alternative for Malaysian parents.

Woo’s group is having great success using social media to inform people about the short and long-term benefits of educating children in the one place where children get the highest amount of influence. As stated earlier, the high costs of private education is also fueling the increased numbers of homeschooling parents.

“Earlier this week, it was reported that private child daycare centres would be raising fees by 20% to 50% to cope with increasing costs. Media reports have also highlighted the increased costs of school uniforms and books,” wrote Robin Augustin, a Free Malaysia Today reporter and contributor.

Woo added that homeschoolers in Malaysia are breaking down the myth that children in home-school become socially disconnected by not being able to interact with large learning groups in traditional schools. Here is what Woo told Free Malaysia Today about this progress:

“Just because there are no other children at home, it does not mean the kids cannot learn social skills. You can take them out and they will naturally talk to other kids or adults wherever they are. Education should not be confined to a classroom. When we homeschool our children, we can take them on field trips or focus on teaching them the things they are interested in rather than subjects they may have no use for.” (

Seeing homeschooling flourish in other nations around the world can definitely inspire American parents to join the growing global movement as well. It’s also worth noting that America has its share of traditional school obstacles, which can cause parents to make the home-school transition for their children.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,



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