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This State Wants to Trim $29 Million From its Budget; Education Cuts Included

By Victor Trammell

Republican-controlled, U.S.-based government branches at the federal, state, and local levels are known for imposing “fiscally conservative” budgetary policies, which utilize reductions in spending on infrastructure.

When it comes to funding for public education in local school districts, state governments are responsible for allocating discretionary funds to all of the public schools, which operate in the vast amount of counties and cities within the state’s borders.

However, many of the Republican-controlled gubernatorial offices and state legislatures that are elected in the U.S. come under large amounts of scrutiny for how swift they are to authorize drastic cuts to state education budgets for the purpose of finding money to financially support other things (tax cuts for the wealthy, prison industrial complex, etc.).

The U.S. state of Louisiana is the latest news maker to announce major spending cuts to its public infrastructure budget. According to The Shreveport Times newspaper, a Republican leader in the Louisiana state legislature just announced a proposal to eliminate almost $29 million from the state’s constitutionally protected Minimum Foundation Program.

Segann March, a local education news columnist for The Times wrote the following about this recently proposed Republican-led action in a Monday (January 23rd) news article, which was published online:

“Louisiana Federation of Teacher President Larry Carter said cutting nearly $29 million from public education would further devastate the state’s ‘cash-strapped’ education system. ‘It’s shameful to consider cuts that threaten the future of our schools and our children,’ Carter said in a release. ‘This is the first time in our history that serious proposals have been made to actually reduce funding for public education.’ According to the governor’s office, Harris’ proposal could potentially impact 7,250 students at $3,961 per student.”‘ (

This proposal was originally unveiled last Thursday (January 19th) during a legislative session, which was presided over by Louisiana State Rep. Lance Harris (R), the Louisiana House Republican Delegation Chairman. Though state education officials are expected to support this proposal, the budget policy has not yet been put into action.

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