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Mother Sues Schools After Her Twins Were Assaulted, Harassed & Threatened

By: Krystle Crossman

Tamara Keith is suing the Hickman Mills School District in Kansas City, MO due to a lack of intervention on the part of the superintendent. She claims that her twin girls were beating severely beaten and bullied on school grounds by a group of other students. Cell phone videos captured some of the assaults and yet the teachers and administrators did nothing about the incidents. It was so bad that Keith ended up getting a protective order for her girls so that the offenders were not allowed within 100 feet of the twins. This was applicable on and off school grounds. Keith claims that the administrators did nothing at all to enforce these protective orders. Her daughters haven’t been in school for almost an entire year because of these issues.

One of the fights that was captured on video showed Keith’s daughter Mellisah in the hallway fighting with another student. There were large groups of students egging the two girls on and recording them with their cell phones. They knew the fight was happening because word had spread around the school that the two planned to get into it. Keith stated that her daughters told her that they had gone to the assistant principal’s office to get an escort to class before the fight happened but the administrators denied the request.

The Missouri Commission on Human Rights was contacted by Keith. They told her that she had the right to sue the school district under the Human Rights Act. She decided that she was going to do just that. She filed a lawsuit against the school district and the superintendent, Dennis Carpenter for failing to protect her daughters. She collected photos of the injuries that her daughters suffered at the hands of the other girls in the school. She had multiple videos that showed them getting into fights. She stated that instead of doing anything about the protection order the school district expelled them instead. The hearing for the lawsuit is being held in February. There has been no comment from the Hickman Mills School District on the incident. Keith says that it is not fair that her daughters are treated like this is school and that is should be a place where they can learn and grow, not be harassed and threatened.


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