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Wisconsin Schools Are The Worst In Racial Inequality

By Victor Trammell

The U.S. state of Wisconsin is well-known for its Green Bay Packers NFL team and its history of football that the world obviously knows about.

However, when it comes to public education, Wisconsin has a race-based academic achievement gap that exposes itself as one of America’s worst out of all 50 states. According to a newly released study conducted by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, the so-called “Badger State” is at the bottom when it comes to education inequality.

The Badger Herald, an independent, student-produced newspaper for the University of Wisconsin–Madison reported the following online about this sobering research study on Tuesday (January 31st):

“The graduation rate for black students in Wisconsin was 64.1 percent compared to 92.9 percent for white students, according to the study. Overall, the percentage of the black population with a high school degree or higher is 81.6 percent, while the percentage of the white population with a high school degree or higher is 92.8 percent.” (

The Center on Wisconsin Strategy’s research group pulled no punches when they analyzed their state’s race problem when it comes to education inequality. The authors of the study’s report wrote the following in the introduction:

“Wisconsin has the regrettable distinction of ranking among the worst states in the nation in terms of racial equality. Various aspects of the disparity – from education to jobs and income to incarceration – have been documented consistently for more than a decade. These disparities are gaining increasing attention from activists and policy makers.

Even so, and despite considerable local and statewide efforts to close these gaps, too few in Wisconsin understand the way that Wisconsin’s level of racial inequality is, in fact, dramatically more pronounced than in other states. In this paper, we update our 2013 report Wisconsin’s Extreme Racial Disparity.

As in that report, we provide here a range of data from public sources to make the racial disparities in the state clear. Brutal inequities in the state span measures of poverty, unemployment, educational attainment, and incarceration.” (

The mind-boggling facts about the institutionalized racism going on with the state of Wisconsin’s public education system are deeply detailed in the links to research sources given for this education news article. Fortunately, black parents in Wisconsin who are informed and ready do not have to rely on the failing state-sponsored education system.

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