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Republicans Are Working To Remove Obama’s Education Reforms

By Victor Trammell

Republicans in Congress are moving swiftly ahead with their plans to do away with rules the former presidential administration put into place regarding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

According to Education Week Magazine, a spokesperson for the U.S. House Education Committee (HEC) announced that resolutions for the disapproval of two sets of ESSA rules, which were mandated by the Obama Administration have been validated. This session was held last Thursday (February 2nd) by the HEC.

“We are sending a signal that we are unhappy with these [Obama Adminstration regulations],” said Tyler Hernandez, a spokesman for the HEC.

Andrew Ujifusa, a reporter for Education Week wrote the following about this issue in an online news article, which was published February 2nd:

“If both sets of [the Obama Administration’s ESSA regulations]  are overturned, it could have far-reaching consequences. States have been crafting their ESSA accountability plans for several months, and were doing so even before Trump won the election, with the Obama ESSA accountability rules in mind. The Trump administration has already paused the final implementation of the accountability rules from Obama’s Education Department, but without any regulations at all, states will be in limbo and uncertain how exactly to craft state plans that pass muster with a Trump Education Department.” (

The ESSA regulations that the Obama Administration put into place deal with important issues of concern, such as teacher-education programs and how student test scores are prioritized in the evaluation of these programs. Teacher-education programs help school districts better prepare teachers with normalizing their curriculum.

ESSA is a replacement of the No Child Left Behind Act that the George W. Bush Administration placed into law in 2001. Opponents of both ESSA and No Child Left Behind feel that these federal laws promoted passing students to the next grade even if they were not up to speed academically.

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