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Has Public Education Really Benefited American Kids?

By Victor Trammell

Now that the current presidential administration’s choice for national education secretary has been officially confirmed, much hysteria has surfaced over the future of America’s public schools.

Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) is known for her status as a billionaire and the work she has done advocating for the private school sector. She also comes from a wealthy family of Republican donors who are strong advocates of private schools.

However, DeVos’ lack of experience in the public school sector worries citizens, activists, and elected leaders who feel she is out to run the DOE in a way, which will dismantle the public education system as the nation knows it.

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, the Culture Editor for wrote an informative article about public education, which was published Tuesday (February 5th). Shepherd’s article was titled Tell Us How the Public School System Benefited You.

This piece was a straight-forward appeal to Jezebel’s core support base. Shepherd gave readers the opportunity to voice their pleasure and displeasure with America’s public school system. As expected during our nation’s uncertain time, a flurry of replies to Shepherd’s article were made by her readers.

The responses from the readers widely varied. Some readers couldn’t really explain how they felt public schooling has benefited their children. However, a sizable number of readers who commented on Shepherd’s article felt that public school had not necessarily benefited their children in a way they felt was sufficient.

“Some people are gifted with great public school districts, while others are horrible (usually because they are woefully underfunded), wrote one reader who posted their comment under the name Thidrekr.

“I happened to grow up in a terrible district with public schools to be completely avoided, and my parents, who were not at all wealthy, somehow managed to send my siblings and me through the Catholic school system,” Thidrekr continued.

This reader’s response accurately pointed out the reality of America’s public school landscape. Funding or a lack thereof is a key factor, which can in some cases be the sole reason why a public school district is either a very good or very bad place to send a child to be educated.

Fortunately, parents who are able-minded, resourceful, and supportive can legally take the task of educating their children upon themselves.

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