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NY Mother Arrested, Kids Taken Because She Decided To Homeschool

By: Krystle Crossman

Kiarre Harris thought she was doing the best thing for her children when she pulled them out of school to start homeschooling them. Little did she know this would end up with her losing her children and being arrested. The Buffalo, New York mother filed all the paperwork that she needed to file with City Hall to take her children out of the public schooling system because she had concerns about their education. She went through all of the proper channels and did everything that she should have done. She stated that she thought the system was failing her children and that she knew homeschooling would be a much better option for them.

Now the young mother is facing neglect charges. The Buffalo City Hall staff never told the school or file the paperwork with the school through the proper channels to let them know that the children were being homeschooled. This caused the school to raise concerns about the fact that her children had extensive absences. They called child protective services who came knocking on Harris’s door a short time later. She said that she had all the paperwork and could show them everything that they needed to see. She had signed documents from City Hall. The person she filed with at City Hall said that her children were officially un-enrolled from school. Yet somewhere along the way the proper channels were not followed with the City Hall staff and now her home was surrounded with police officers. They took her children and put them in the foster care system. They arrested the mother for obstruction of justice because she did not want to take her children for no reason.

Harris stated that to try and build a case of neglect against her the police and CPS took comments that she posted on social media about how she thought that the system is failing her children. They tried to use this as proof of neglect. She stated that she is unsure of how this could possibly show that she is neglectful of her children. She also stated that she is a college graduate so she wouldn’t be ridiculing people who go to school. She was simply stating that the school system is now teaching children to think only what they are taught instead of trying to think about things outside of the box and make up their own minds. She has not seen her children in three weeks and is now trying to fight the obstruction charges as well as the neglect charges and trying to get her children back.


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