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This Big Misconception About Black Kids Has Been Fatal

By Victor Trammell

Black youths lose their lives disproportionately in America due to many kinds of unfortunate circumstances, such as gang-related violence in their communities and police brutality.

However, a hidden tragedy that is experienced on a regular basis by black children and adolescents is accidental drowning. According to current data released by the Center For Disease Control (CDC), black children drown at five-and-a-half times the rate of other children.

That is a high amount considering the fact that approximately 10 people drown daily in the U.S., according to the CDC. Ebony Rosemond is the founder of an organization called Black Kids Swim. Rosemond wrote an opinion-editorial, which was published recently in The Washington Post.

In her informative piece, Rosemond discussed some sobering statistics about the fatal adversities, which face black children in America who don’t know how to swim. There are many negative stereotypes about why black children don’t swim. However, it is great to know that Rosemond has started an organization that seeks to reverse those stereotypes.

A portion of Rosemond’s Washington Post article reads as follows:

“The black community must focus on getting more of its children in the water. Black Kids Swim was founded in 2015 to do just that. We offer information and support to help parents and children overcome what has kept black people from swimming — telling parents how to get their kids on a swim team and answering questions about a sport that has had few role models for black children. As our community grows, we plan to sponsor kids to take classes and join swim clubs.” (The Washington Post)

On its website, Black Kids Swim calls itself “the number one family resource for African-American swimmers.” The organization is based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland near the Washington D.C. area. To learn more about it, please click here.

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