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The Dept. Of Education Insulted A Black Historical Figure By Spelling His Name Wrong

By Victor Trammell

The current Trump administration’s U.S. Department of Education (DOE) was getting a bad rap before it was even assembled due to the checkered personal history of Betsy DeVos, the woman chosen as America’s education secretary.

DeVos is creating a lot of fear within the community of those who are staunch advocates of the nation’s public school systems. Experts believe she will work to dismantle the public education sector and is in favor of bolstering charter and private schools. DeVos has absolutely no experience working for the public school system.

However, the DOE is doing even more to make itself into a pariah as a government agency. According to The Daily Caller, a posting was made on the DOE’s Twitter page, which caused outrage and embarrassment on part of those working in the education department’s social media management team.

Yesterday morning (February 12), a tweet made on the DOE’s Twitter page read, “Education must not simply teach work- it must teach life – W.E.B. Debois.” The DOE’s tweet accurately quoted NAACP co-founder and legendary civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois.

However, the DOE’s tweet obviously spelled Du Bois’ name incorrectly. Twitter users everywhere lambasted the DOE for the reckless spelling error.

@usedgov It’s either a terrible mistake or a perverse foray into humor. His name is W.E.B. Du Bois. Screenshot saved,” wrote a Twitter user named Jeffery Guterman.

Other Twitter users even blamed DeVos directly for the spelling mishap.

@usedgov Looks like @BetsyDeVos is in charge now!” wrote a Twitter user named Mike Flacy.

The DOE quickly released an apology via Twitter after the disrespectful misspelling of Du Bois’ name was discovered. The tweet was also edited to showcase the correct spelling of the prominent American black historical figure’s name.

“Post updated – our deepest apologies for the earlier typo,” the DOE wrote on Twitter.










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