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Schools in Michigan Are Offering More Resources for Homeschool Students

By: Krystle Crossman

Clio, Michigan public schools are now trying to give children who homeschool an opportunity to experience some of the resources that students in public schools have. They have teamed up with the homeschool parents to get a better understanding of what they would like to see offered to children who learn from home. With this partnership between the school and homeschool families there will be access to many different extracurricular activities, field trips, and even classes where the children can earn college credits for free.

Some of the activities that homeschool children in Clio and the surrounding neighborhoods will have access to are sports, choir, band, robotics teams, and field trips that the public school children get to go on. This will help them not only to socialize with other children in the area but it will give them additional education on top of the great education they are already getting at home. They are also being offered classes that can be turned into college credit, which there is no cost to take. The superintendent of the Clio School District, Fletcher Spears, is excited about this new partnership and is happy that the homeschool parents are responding positively to the proposal.

A few of the parents have seen success with this type of program in other areas so they are ready to get started. They said that their taxes are already paying for the resources such as gymnasiums, school athletic fields, and libraries, so they would like to be able to take advantage of these different resources if possible. The meeting that was held to get thoughts and feedback is just the first step in developing this relationship between public schools and homeschool students but it is a big step. All of the ideas from the meeting are taken into consideration and the superintendent will try to move forward with the next step of putting the program into place soon.


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