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The U.S. Attorney General’s Support For Privatization Policy Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Victor Trammell

Sadly on this past Thursday (February 23rd), U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (pictured) made headlines by announcing that he supported undoing the Obama Administration’s progress toward the eradication of privately-owned American prisons.

Sessions wasted no time changing the federal government’s position on prison privatization after he was officially confirmed as America’s top law enforcement official. In August of 2016, Sally Yates, the former deputy U.S. Attorney General issued a memo, which was very critical of prison privatization in America.

However, Sessions replaced that document with a memo of his own that is ardently in favor of bolstering the nation’s prison privatization enterprises.

According to an article written by journalist Eric Tucker of The Associated Press, stock prices soared for the major U.S. prison privatization companies after Sessions put his memo out.

Private prisons in America are huge business assets, which fall under the framework of a multi-billion dollar industry. The people who are owners and shareholders of the companies that own the nation’s private prisons are some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Officials in the American criminal justice system do the bidding of these wealthy prison privatization principals by aggressively contributing to the influx of inmates into correctional facilities by sentencing people to jail time for minor crimes, such as non-violent drug offenses.

Sessions has historically been a major instigator for this draconian criminal justice process as well. Ultimately, these harsh anti-drug use policies end up affecting minors who get charged as adults after they have repeatedly been found guilty of drug possession.

Advocates who stand firmly against the school-to-prison pipeline are going to have their work cut out for them in this new Republican era, which Sessions is a major player in. While he and his Republican benefactors bolster their efforts to get tough on crime, investment in quality education will dwindle for the communities most affected by crime.

There are many Republican-dominated U.S. states that are doing that already. The mentality of the white male who is a figure in the American power structure is simple: Why spend money on minority children to be educated in their communities when we can make money off of them being incarcerated far way from their communities?

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