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Your Kid is More Likely to be a Millionaire Doing This Rather Than Being a Pro Athlete

By Victor Trammell

In black communities across America, millions of young children and adolescents who participate in youth sports idolize professional athletes.

Many of these youths who play baseball, basketball, or football have a dream of becoming a member of the MLB, NBA, or NFL one day. However, the sad part about this type of dream is that the chances for success are very much a long shot. The truth is that a overwhelming majority of talented youth sports participants will never be a major-league athlete.

Scott Morgan, a sports writer for The Houston Chronicle newspaper penned an article titled The Likelihood of Someone Becoming a Professional Sports Player. According to Morgan’s article, the odds are stacked tall against high school and collegiate athletes who have aspirations of competing at the professional level.

“According to the NCAA, only 1.7 percent of college football players and 0.08 percent of high school players play at any professional level,” Morgan wrote.

“In basketball, only 1.2 percent of male and 0.9 percent of female college players play pro ball; for both, only 0.03 percent of high school players make it,” he continued.

However, professional sports (or any other form of entertainment for that matter) is not the only way a young person can become a millionaire. In fact, becoming a software engineer can also offer a young person the status of a millionaire.

Also, the chances of getting an opportunity to work in the software engineering field after graduating are respectably high.

“If you try to become [a software] engineer, odds are good that you will succeed. The average acceptance rate at engineering schools is 63 out of 100, [according to tech job site Paysa],” wrote Julie Bort, a journalist for The Business Insider.

“Plus, those that land in ‘elite’ ranks will do far better. A career at Facebook could give you overall lifetime earnings of $13,533,236, Paysa calculates. A career tech employee at Google could make as much as $10,674,690,'” Bort added.

Software engineers can also go into business by themselves and make great money without being employed at a company. This is why it’s important for parents to raise youths to have a back-up plan if their careers in sports do not pan out. There are definitely other fields, which offer great pay with a higher chance of gaining acceptance.

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