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New Book ‘Pushout’ Outlines Plan to Stop Black Girls From Being Criminalized in Schools

By Victor Trammell

Juvenile black girls are currently one of the fastest-growing populations in the criminal justice system for minors.

This is largely due to the fact that public schools are criminalizing these girls at younger ages, thus making them early victims of the notorious school-to-prison pipeline. This is not a myth. Last Wednesday (March 8th), NBC News published an article, which was written by Mia Hall, a public speaker and digital content producer for

Hall’s article profiled a newly released book by Dr. Monique Morris titled PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools. “[Dr. Morris’ book] aims to interrupt the school-to-confinement pathways for black girls by looking at how girls are judged and offering resources to interrupt school-to-confinement pathways,” Hall wrote.

Hall also writes the following about the truly startling statistics reported in PUSHOUT. Her report partially reads as follows:

“Unfortunately, black girls have still been experiencing pushout and criminalization in schools at an increasing rate over the years. According to Morris’ studies, African American young women make up only 16 percent of girls enrolled in school but make up 33 percent of girls with school-related arrests. The book also notes that in New York schools, black girls are expelled at 53 times the rate for white girls.” (

In her interview with NBC News, Dr. Morris quoted the following about her personal goals concerning what she seeks to accomplish with the crucial information she shares in PUSHOUT:

“I say throughout book ‘I want to lead with love in this conversation’ and I also understand leading with love is about critiquing structures that are oppressive. Having an education provides greater opportunity for freedom. It increases the scope of the options and that is where we find this place where we can live freely and happily.”  (

Hall’s full review and report about Dr. Morris’ book and NBC interview can be read by clicking the link to the source listed below this article.

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