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Canada Puts $47 Million Into Erasing “systemic racism”

By Victor Trammell

A province in the North American nation of Canada is making a large investment into efforts to save black children from the dregs of systemic racism.

According to The Libertarian Republic, Ontario’s provincial government found $47 million, which has been set aside to be spent over a three-year period to combat the nation’s institutionalized oppression based on race. Michael Coteau, Ontario’s Minister of Anti-Racism issued a public statement about his government’s noble plan.

“When even one of our citizens is left behind the entire province suffers,” Coteau said according to The Toronto Star.

“These are concrete actions from a government to dismantle systemic racism and its devastating impact it’s having on our communities. While it isn’t a be (all) and end-all solution, it is a bold step in the right direction and this is just the beginning,” he continued.

One might think that in an industrialized, modern, and socioeconomically fair Western nation like Canada, systemic racism might not be that big of a deal. However, racism is a real concern. Canada’s brand of racism may not be as harsh as America’s, but there are still inequalities, which exist for the black minority population that lives in the country.

This is particularly true as it pertains to the conditions of the black Canadian  youth.

“I want black youth in this province to know that their lives matter. I want them to know that they matter and I want them to know that the government of Ontario and the people of Ontario care for them,” Coteau also said.

The Canadian province of Ontario’s anti-racism initiative for black minors is called the Black Youth Action Plan. This comprehensive strategy involves increasing national access to mental health care, employment, and better education options for black youths.

“Our government is ready to take responsibility and to make change,” Coteau  also said. “It’s taken us decades to get to this point. And I believe that it’s never too late for us to correct our course,”  he added.

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