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These Two Brothers Created An App To Help People Find Pick-Up Basketball Games In Their Community

By Victor Trammell

A pair of twin brothers who graduated from Sacramento State University together turned their affinity for basketball into a potentially big technological business opportunity.

With March Madness upon us, people young and old are inspired by the excitement that comes from watching NCAA hoops. In neighborhoods across America, youngsters flock to their community centers or outside basketball courts to get a few pick-up games in to work off their competitive edge.

Donte and Dominic Morris (pictured) are the founders of an app called Hoop Maps, an interactive mobile platform that helps basketball enthusiasts locate a pick-up basketball game anywhere they are looking for one.

“The app opens with a map of the world, letting users check-in with a location and a time for their next game. The app has 1,000 users, and it’s growing by the day,” wrote Steve Large, a reporter for CBS News 13 Sacramento. Large is the local news reporter who originally broke this story.

“We really just want to create a community of pick-up basketball players where they could see where their friends are at and make new friends and play,” Dominic told Large in his exclusive interview with CBS Sacramento. Both brothers have their own careers in the technology field, which they gained after graduating college.

However, they wanted to use their skills to create something that would unite similar people who have their same passion for basketball in their spare time. The Morris brothers explained their chemistry in their interview with CBS Sacramento.

“We kind of compliment each other. [Dominic] is more of a marketing guy. I’m more of a business guy,” Dante told Large.

Dominic also told CBC Sacramento that the biggest location for Hoop Maps users is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the few months that Hoop Maps has been in existence, it continues to have daily growth. The Morris brothers hope that the app will lead to a great business opportunity for them one day.

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