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White Girls Say Black Kid Is “picking cotton” As They Pick Her For Prom

By Victor Trammell

Two white teenage girls and their black teenage female friend went viral over a despicable social media photo, which was largely deemed to be racially offensive.

According to Ebony Magazine and other national media outlets, the two white girls in the photo (which is used to illustrate this article) have been suspended for their antic of bigotry. In the photo, the three girls are holding a large cardboard sign that reads: “You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.”

The two white girls in the photo are students at Florida’s Monarch High School in the city of Coconut Creek. Their black female friend in the photo is homeschooled by her family. In a deplorable appeal to defend their daughter’s racist actions, a parent of one of the girls said the photo was part of an “inside joke” that was not meant to be posted on social media.

This parent gave an interview with Broward County, Florida’s Local News 10. However, other parents of children who attend Monarch High definitely weren’t laughing.

The public backlash that ensued over the racist frolic displayed in this photo put public pressure on Monarch High School’s administrators and officials representing Broward County Public Schools to take swift and deliberate action against the girls for their unconscionable mistake.

Tracy Clark, a spokeswoman for Broward County Public Schools issued a statement condemning the acts of the two white girls at Monarch High. “Broward County Public Schools is proud of its diverse student population and community,” Clark said in her statement.

“Our district is committed to providing learning environments that foster inclusion and respect,” she continued.

Even after the public outcry, other students at Monarch High went to Local News 10 on Friday to express their sympathy for the two white girls. These students made the outrageous claim that a suspension was too harsh of a penalty for the white girls to pay for their racially insensitive foolishness.

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