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Educator Harassed, Criticized For Putting Kid In Online Homeschool After Bullying

By Victor Trammell

This past Monday (April 3rd), East Tennessee’s Knoxville News Sentinel newspaper published an opinion-editorial, which was written by an educator name Marissa A. White.

White works in the public sector as a senior education policy advisor and an academic coordinator. Her column was titled Online Schools an Option for Bullied Students. As a professional working in the conventional schooling environment, White’s unconventional story about homeschooling one of her own children began with a personal adversity.

“As an education professional involved in public education policy, I have recently taken a bit of criticism, even harassment, from a few colleagues for, ironically, enrolling one of my kids in a private online school,” White wrote in her opinion-editorial. She explained that extreme bullying led her to moving her child out of public school.

“Last October, one of my children became the ongoing target of bullying,” White shared. “After five months of back and forth with the school, I concluded my daughter had had enough,” she continued.

White also shared some very sobering statistics, which explained the severity and prevalence of bullying in America’s schools and how it leads to so many other personal tragedies. “The National Center for Educational Statistics indicates that 20.8 percent of [America’s] students has been a victim of bullying,” White reported.

“Most of these bullying episodes (35 percent) take place at school,” she continued.

White’s daughter goes to school online from home and does lessons from a fully accredited curriculum. White has a firm stance against bullying and believes bullied children face overwhelming challenges that prevent them from focusing on academics due the great deal of fear they experience.

“I say if the public school can’t keep my kids safe, I will not hesitate to move them to an online school where they can concentrate on their studies [at home] instead of worrying about being harassed each day.

You can read White’s entire story about her daughter’s experience here.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,





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2 thoughts on “Educator Harassed, Criticized For Putting Kid In Online Homeschool After Bullying

  1. Sarah Goodwich

    Critics don’t care about the rights and well-being of the child in school; they only care about the principal of the thing.

  2. Sarah Goodwich

    P.S. When I was in school, I was severely bullied, as well as Agoraphobic; but home-schooling was not permitted… so I was “Gaslit” as mentally ill, and send to a child’s prison mental hospital to be “treated” like in the Soviet Union, i.e. punished into acquiesence and conformity.

    Now I’m completely disabled.


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