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Prominent Evangelist and Educator Says All Christians Must Homeschool

By Victor Trammell

Dr. James C. Dobson (pictured) is an educator, psychologist, and prominent Christian evangelist who is the author of The New Dare to Discipline.


Dr. Dobson has a great deal of social and political influence with a sizable amount of the American public. These people subscribe to traditional societal ideologies as they pertain to key concepts, such as marriage, faith, and parenting. Dr. Dobson is also the founder of an organization called Focus on the Family.


Focus on the Family was founded in 1977 and is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Dobson has launched an online platform via his organization called Family Talk. He is using this digital podcast platform to get a critical message out to not only his followers, but to Christians at large.


Dr. Dobson’s new call to action for the Christian community’s parents urges them to withdraw their children from the public school system.


“Early in his career, [Dr. Dobson] was largely unaware of homeschooling. He explained [this on] a recent series of  broadcasts featuring guest E. Ray Moore of the Exodus Mandate, which encourages Christian parents to homeschool their children or put them in church-run Christian schools, wrote Bob Unruh, a contributor to World Net Daily.


However, Dr. Dobson claimed he had a moment of clarity during his discussions with Moore when he thought about the “train up a child” scripture reference in the Bible. “It was like putting a match to gasoline,” Dr. Dobson said in his broadcast with Moore. “I got it. I saw it,” he continued.


Dr. Dobson is now a leading advocate of homeschooling in America. He looks at the current public school system as a counterintuitive institution of dissonance, which is completely against the lifestyle of a devout Christian child's experience.


"[Children] have been propagandized and given a philosophy that is in many cases contrary to scripture and what [Christians] believe,” Dobson said.


You can listen to Dr. Dobson’s two-part broadcasting series with E. Ray Moore here.


For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,



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