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Teen Convicted For Killing Her Fellow Student

By Victor Trammell

On April 13th, a district juvenile court judge in New Castle County, Delaware convicted three teenage girls for their part in a gruesome assault in a public high school’s bathroom that left a 16-year-old girl dead.

According to the website for Delaware’s WDEL Radio, Trinity Carr, 17, Zion Snow, 17, and Chakeira Wright, 17, were found guilty of charges ranging from criminally negligent homicide to conspiracy.

Amy Joyner-Francis (pictured right) was the 16-year-old victim in this case, which unfolded in April 2016 at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware. During the fatal incident, which was recorded via cell phone video, Carr (pictured left beating Joyner-Francis) carried out the assault while Snow and Wright held people back from intervening.

In a statement during his closing arguments, prosecutor Sean Lugg talked about the brutal acts of violence that ended the life of Joyner-Francis, a studious young lady who suffered from a rare and serious heart condition.

“Over the course of 48 seconds, Trinity Carr rained her fury in punches and kicks upon the body of Amy–well-beyond a dozen times–and she was afforded the opportunity to continue that barrage based upon the persistence of her conspirators [Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright]–as they held people back,” Lugg said.

When this case first unfolded, word circulated about there being a fair and mutual fight between Carr and Joyner-Francis where both parties exchanged blows. However, Lugg based his account of what happened that day on video evidence, which proved a different scenario.

“Attack. Assault. This was no fight. The evidence does not support that conclusion. A fight being mutual combatants–to a degree. This, by all accounts, Trinity Carr was the initiator, Trinity Carr was the aggressor, Trinity Carr was Amy’s attacker,” Lugg also said.

An attorney for Carr tried to argue that their client had no idea Joyner-Francis had a heart condition and thus was not liable in her death. However, a pediatric cardiologist who testified at trial determined that repeated chest and head trauma indeed triggered Joyner-Francis to go into cardiac arrest.

Sentencing and consequences for Carr, Snow, and Wright have not been determined yet. However, Carr faces the most severe punishment due to the fact that she was the ringleader of the April 2016 attack.

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