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Ne-Yo Invests $2.3 Million To Help Teach Black Youth How To Code

By Victor Trammell

A mainstay in the world of R&B and pop music has collaborated with some of Silicon Valley’s insiders to make a sizable financial contribution toward a valiant cause.

According to Blavity and numerous other entertainment and business news sources, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo (pictured) has invested $2.3 million in Holberton School, a project-based alternative coding school for software engineers located in San Francisco, California. Ne-Yo is also the newest member of the Holberton Board of Trustees.

In an interview with Business Insider Magazine, Ne-Yo talked about what motivated him to make such a big investment into Holberton School and his plans to help more black youths see technology as a viable field for them to get involved in instead of the stereotypical, cliché fields of professional sports and entertainment.

“[Technology] is not a realistic career for people who came up like me. It’s more realistic to do what I do, be a singer or an NBA star,” Ne-Yo told Business Insider.

Ne-Yo spoke to Business Insider Wednesday night (April 26th) at a party celebrating his newly-minted position at Holberton. The party was hosted by Trinity Ventures, a major venture capital firm that funds numerous tech companies located in Silicon Valley. Ne-Yo plans to use his fame and marketability help this latest effort become successful.

“Thanks to these guys it now is. I have a platform, and I’m going to use this platform to spread the word,” he also said Wednesday. Holberton’s track record of attempting to embrace diversity is what attracted Ne-Yo to investing in the 18-month-old institution.

“Already, Holberton’s free (at least upfront) approach has helped the coding school attract a wide-range of people wanting to break into the tech industry. Women constitute 40% of its students, and 53% of the student body is people of color,” wrote Biz Carson, a senior tech reporter for Business Insider.

Ne-Yo seems very enthusiastic about his new venture. “I’m very, very excited about this. Let’s make Holberton one of the biggest schools on the face of the planet,” he added at the Wednesday celebration.

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