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Principal Developed Successful Formula For Educating Black Boys in Chicago

By Victor Trammell

A predominantly black four-year charter high school located on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois called Butler College Prep is helping black boys, in particular, perform exceptionally well academically.

According to Ebony Magazine, Christopher Goins (pictured above), the principal of Butler College Prep is the mastermind of a winning equation that has the majority of its primarily black low-income students graduating and getting accepted into college. Butler has been ranked in Chicago Magazine as the best school in the city’s public school district.

Goins recently conducted an exclusive interview with an Ebony affiliate where he talked about his contributions to Butler College Prep. Goins was able to focus particular attention on his notable success with Butler College Prep’s black boys.

“The number of Black males from CPS and throughout the country that are actually graduating from high school going into college is somewhere around the 20 percent range and the ones that actually graduate from college is maybe like 13 or 14 percent,” Goins told Marilyn Anderson Rhames, a guest correspondent for Ebony.

Goins also talked about the critical aspects education experts and observers could look at if they wanted an estimate how many of Butler’s black males actually go on to succeed in college after graduating.

“The fact is that in my senior class—granted it’s only 77 of them—100 percent of those males have been accepted into college and while we don’t know exactly how many of them are going to actually matriculate, you can look at their average ACT score and compare that with the rest of the nation,” Goins also said.

Goins was also asked in his interview about how staffing positively affects the progress of his students.

“It’s definitely about hiring. It’s definitely about challenging the status quo. That was my goal to recruit and retain more teachers who were men of color. I can relate to them. I’m a part of that struggle. We surround them with so much love and support. The staff buys into that,” he added.

You can read a transcript of Goins’ entire interview here.

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