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Teachers Bullied, Beat 11-Year-Old Girl, Told Her to “Kill Herself”

By Carolyn Tisdale

Two women who are teachers at a school in Louisiana’s St. Landry Parish have been charged with multiple felonies after an incident law enforcement officials describe as the torture of an 11-year-old girl.

According to KTLA-TV Channel 5, a local news station in the St. Landry Parish area, Ann Marie Shelvin (pictured left) and Tracy Gallow (pictured right) are facing criminal charges of malfeasance in office, intimidation and interference in school operation.

Information about the criminal complaints lodged against Shelvin and Gallow were derived from law enforcement records that were obtained by CNN via the St. Landry Parish Sherrif’s Office. Officials from this agency claim Shelvin and Gallow began abusing the 11-year-old school girl in February of this year.

The girl’s mother filed a complaint that same month but the repeated incidents of bullying, beatings, and threats by the two teachers did not stop. The girl’s mother returned to the Sherrif’s Office this past April at some point to file another complaint. A portion of an online KTLA-TV report on this incident reads as follows:

Deputies said Shelvin, a teacher at Washington Elementary, threatened to fail three of her students if they didn’t fight the girl. She also allegedly told the bullied girl to “go and kill herself.”-A  student involved in the incident told deputies that Shelvin forced her to start a fight that resulted in several students sent to the principal’s office. The student said she was told if she didn’t fight the girl, Shelvin would refuse to help her with her class work just like she refuses to help the 11-year-old, the report said.The student told deputies she was scared she’d be treated like the bullied girl if she didn’t comply.  Shelvin was eventually removed from the school and Gallow, a former teacher’s aide, took over her class. The girl’s mother told police that Gallow retaliated against the girl for reporting Shelvin to the principal.

The incidents of abuse at the hands of Gallow were caught on school surveillance cameras. The St. Landry Parish Sherrif has condemned these alleged acts by Shelvin and Gallows. Future court dates for both women are still pending.

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