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14 Year-old Graduates From Texas Christian University With a Physics Degree

By: Krystle Crossman

Carson Huey-You has been waiting 14 long years for this day. As of Saturday, May 13th, Huey-You will be graduating from Texas Christian University with a physics degree. It is hard to comprehend that such a young man will be getting a college degree when most other students are just beginning their freshman year of high school, but he has worked extremely hard for his accomplishments. Along with a major in physics Carson minored in math and Chinese. He started at the university when he was just 11 years old.

When Carson was a toddler it was clear to his mother that he was extremely advanced in mathematics. By age 3 he was at an eighth grade level. She knew that he was going to move through school quickly because of how advanced he was. He skipped over many grades in high school and graduated when he was just 10 years old. He decided that he wanted to major in physics because quantum physics piqued his interest when he found out how abstract it was. He said that he was interested in quantum physics because you have to rely on math to figure the problems out, there is no clear-cut solution without knowing the math. It was not an easy choice for him however and he said that it took him a while to figure out what path he wanted to take when he started college. Quantum physics was the thing that appealed to his skills and personality the most.

Not only is Carson fast-tracking his education and career, but his younger brother is as well. Cannan is just 11 years old and will be starting at Texas Christian University this year. Cannan has the same penchant for math equations as Carson. He is the same age as his brother was when he started college. Cannan plans to be an astronaut so he will be majoring in astrophysics as well as engineering. Having one son who is extremely gifted in a family is a blessing, but having two is exceptional! Texas Christian University is proud to be the college of choice for these two gifted young men. They both will have double majors under their belts and are some of the youngest graduates from the college.


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4 thoughts on “14 Year-old Graduates From Texas Christian University With a Physics Degree

  1. Sherlock C Sampson

    More proof that skin color does not determine intelligence. Genius, intellect, or excellence knows no color.

  2. Brenda Fields

    Wow. This is truly phenomenal. Congratulations to these two young men fir their achievements. Congratulations to their parents for these two extraordinarily, very smart children.


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