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Nine-Year-Old Nebraska Boy Arrested, Charged With Multiple Felonies

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: KETV-7 News

Police recently arrived at an elementary school in Omaha, Nebraska to lead a young black boy away in handcuffs.

According to KETV-7, an ABC News-affiliated local media source in Omaha, David Tate Jr. (pictured left), 9, was arrested Wednesday (May 10th) at the city’s Druid Elementary for a felony charge of second-degree felony assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

Tate was then booked and held at the Douglas County Youth Center.

The alleged incident, which Tate stands accused of initiating reportedly occurred last month. The Omaha Police Department received a report from a family whose members accused Tate of hitting another child in the head with a rock. The child sustained some injuries.

However, Tiffanie Moore (pictured right), Tate’s mother, feels that the penalty did not match the crime in this case. “I’m more than happy to take the medical bills, pay the medical bills,” Moore said, “[But] this seems a little extreme, picking him up from school.” she continued

Apparently, the Omaha’s Chief of Police agreed with Moore and gave a public apology for the overhanded incident, which accurately proves the existence of a so-called school-to-prison pipeline in America.

“We made a mistake on this front, it’s really that simple,” Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said at a conference and luncheon sponsored by the Empowerment Network.

“It was laziness quite frankly. It was apathy and laziness and they made an arrest in the most expedient way possible and they did not think,” he continued.

The juvenile division of the Douglass County District Attorney’s Office has also doubled down on the original claims that Tate would be charged with a felony that will remain his record.

“Juvenile Deputy County Attorney Nicole Brundo says David will have to go to a juvenile assessment center appointment to determine if he’s eligible for any programs. According to Brundo, the incident should not appear on his record in the future,” said Camila Orti, a reporter for KETV-7 News.

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