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Black Kid From Baltimore Is National Chess Champion

By Carolyn Tisdale

Last week, a middle school student in Baltimore, Maryland became the new champion after competing in the U.S. Chess Federation’s National Tournament.

According to WJZ-TV, a CBS News-affiliated local media source in Baltimore, Cahree Myrick (pictured) proved himself to be king of the chessboard after taking home his gigantic trophy. Myrick (a seventh-grader at Roland Park Middle School) competed against hundreds of other students on his road to becoming a national chess champion.

Myrick is also a student athlete who makes straight A’s. He told a WJZ reporter about what he’s learned from his chess coaches prior to becoming the best student chess player in the country.

“I remember the first thing we learned was how to move the pawns,” Myrick told WJZ reporter Devin Bartolotta. In her report about Myrick, Bartolotta said she sat down with the seventh-grader to challenge him to a game of chess and did not win. Chess is clearly more than just a game to Myrick.

“I think [my favorite part is] practice and studying the board,” Myrick also told WJZ. “Because in order to be successful, you need to know tactics, you need to know all of the rules,” he continued.

A lot of preparation and skill refining went into Myrick’s stunning victory. Coaches who lead the Roland Park chess team require their students to practice four out of five school days per week when classes are over. Myrick was assigned extra chess strategy homework by his coach in order to keep his skills intact.

Myrick practiced hard and sharpened his skills regularly. However, he didn’t expect to be the last one standing as the national champion when the chess tournament was over.

“I expected to do well, but I didn’t expect to win the whole thing,” Myrick added in his interview with WJZ.

Chess is an excellent game to teach your children during down time while you’re homeschooling them.

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