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Being Too Strict at Home Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Child’s Education

By: Krystle Crossman

Being a strict parent is not a bad thing. It sets limits and boundaries for your child and helps them to become more independent in adulthood. There is such as a thing as too strict however and studies are showing that being too strict at home can have an enormous negative impact on their child’s education. Discipline is a necessary part of your child’s life, but there is a limit to how strict a parent can be without it having a detrimental effect on the child. This study was conducted to show just how much of an impact that overly strict parenting can have.

The University of Pittsburgh looked at 1,482 participants in their study. They followed the children through 9 years to get a bigger picture of the children’s academic success and the effects of their home life on that success. The study was conducted for the Maryland Adolescent Development in Context Study (MADICS). All of the participants in the study had to answer questions about their parents such as how physical or aggressive they were. They also answered questions about their own behaviors, how they interacted with their peers, and whether they had been in trouble in their lives. They also had questions about their s*xual histories. Once the participants reached the age of 21 they answered questions about the highest level of education that they had attained at that point.

The researchers found that children who had a home life with harsh parents did not get as far with their educational success as their peers. They stated that harsh parenting styles involved hitting, physical abuse, verbal threats, and extreme cases of yelling. When subjected to these types of parenting styles children tended to break rules more often and put education on the back burner. They were more interested in hanging out with friends and being rule-breakers as opposed to studying or paying attention in class. The researchers also found that the girls who were subjected to harsh parenting were more likely to engage in s*xual behaviors at an earlier age. The boys were more likely to become delinquents. They felt that children who didn’t feel a loving bond with their parents at home were more likely to seek the approval of their friends so that they had someone to care about them, even if it mean breaking rules and foregoing their education. All of these factors lead to lower academic success.


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