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Texas Teen Voted “Most Likely to Blend in with White People” by Teacher

By: Krystle Crossman

Teachers seem to be more brazen these days with what they are handing out to their students. The latest victim is 7th grader Sydney Caeser who attends Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Channelview, Texas. The teachers handed out superlative certificates at the end of the year that are supposed to build the children up and make them feel good about their school year. Some examples of superlatives are “most likely to succeed” or “most likely to become CEO.” What Sydney brought home angered her and her mother. Her teacher thought that it would be appropriate to give Sydney a certificate that said, “Most Likely to Blend in with White People.” Many people thought it was a joke when her mother told the story so she posted a photo of her daughter with the certificate to show that it was very real.

This same teacher, Stacey Lockett, has a history of giving out controversial superlatives that are not as funny as she seems to think they are. Another student named Lizeth Villanueva was given a certificate from the same teacher and it said, “Most Likely to Become a Terrorist.” Both superlatives came from Lockett’s AVID college prep class that she taught at the junior high school. Caesar’s sister heard about the other superlative and was in disbelief that the teacher thought that was in good taste, especially after the attack on Manchester Arena in England earlier this week. Caesar was embarrassed and hurt by the superlative that was given to her. She didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day and ended up staying home on the last day of school because she was so upset about the incident.

The Channelview Independent School District commented on the incident and stated that these superlatives were not approved under any circumstances. They also said that AVID Systems did not have any part in these “awards” and that the AVID logo should not have been on the certificates in the first place. They made sure to state that the incident was not tolerated and that they were investigating to ensure that this does not happen again. The school itself has not commented on the situation and neither has the teacher. What would you do if your son or daughter came home with a certificate like this?


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16 thoughts on “Texas Teen Voted “Most Likely to Blend in with White People” by Teacher

  1. Benita Hamlett

    Princess please don’t let the ignorance of some me you feel embarrassed or shamed. Individuals such as this so called teacher is a very weak and insecure person who rather stand up with her hatred and bigotry in a classroom of children. You are beautiful. God made us special. People like your teacher fear us. Not so much due to the color of our skin, but rather us as a whole. Don’t let her hate become you. Stay strong and keep striving for a better future. Racism is real and sooner or later and come in many forms of attacks. We all deal with it. Just always remember before you decide to take anything in life to heart, always look at the source where it is coming from. Stay strong lit sista. You are the future and much needed.
    “Hate is the anger of the weak and thus it thrives on the weak. Whether it hides behind a mask or becomes the ideology of an entire nation. Hate is a cancer that devours the conscience and begins stupidity that feeds on ignorance like maggots on rotting flesh… Alphonse Daudet

  2. Victor Nelson Sr

    This could be damaging for this little gurl.

    I remember when i was going to school i receive one. That said most likly to succeed. I was happy to receive it. Because someone seen something in me that i did not see in my self.

    I think of it often in my adult life.Now im a successful business man. NELSONS HEATING $ PLUMBING.

  3. Alexander

    I know damm well if anyone gives some sh”t like that to my child I’m going to give them the most likely to be knocked the fuc# out with in 10 seconds certificate award 💯

  4. Juanita

    This teacher should be fired for being ignorant of the fact that all blacks don’t want to be accepted or fit in with whites. We want equality. This is the start of a process which plants seeds in our young black students that whites are superior to blacks. I am appalled at the audacity of this person to think she could get away with this in this day and time. But, since the 45th president entered the White House with his rudeness and prejudices, he’s given permission for prejudice and hate to rise up. Someone should start a petition to have her fired, to show her how dedicated we as black parents are to our children. Mother, go to your board, file a complaint and if they don’t fire her, go to your local news with this story and file a petition to have her fired. If that doesn’t give you any satisfaction, sue the school system. Parents take some action. I am fired up, this is so so sad!

  5. Jonathan

    Not that it makes a difference because it doesn’t, it was inexcusable and my reply is related to some of the comments left here. Iook the teacher up and you’ll see she is a former cheerleader who is black.

  6. Joshaun Blackmon

    I believe that that teacher should receive a superlative award that states, “Most likely to not be employed here next semester” and follow through with firing this teacher whose sinister jokes and foolish sense of humor is not in conjunction with the school or the students best interest.

  7. Salaam

    The Channelview Independent School District says they were investigating to ensure that this does not happen again. This term “Investigating” is nauseating. What is there to investigate? The proof is right in front of us. Moreover, investigating will not ensure it doesn’t happen again. Firing this Despicable Thing is the most appropriate action. It’s punishment for the action and sends a message that this behavior will not be tolerated. For if a White student were to received this “Most Likely to Blend with Black People”, the article would read much different.

  8. Esther Bellamy

    Teachers are responsible for building a child’s self esteem and encouraging students to soar high. If we allow teachers like this one to continue to have access to our children she will destroy them. We send our children to school into the hands of people we are supposed to trust. I would have gone to the teacher and addressed the issue. Then talk with the school administration to begin the process of lowering the teacher’s self esteem so that she could see what it feels like. We need to be serious about our children’s future and education.


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