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11th Grader With 4.43 GPA Already Has 33 Full-Ride Scholarship Offers

By Victor Trammell

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A high school football player from the southern state of North Carolina has just proved to the world that his skills go far beyond an innate ability to dominate the field.

Zahara Hill, an editorial fellow for the Black Voices column at the Huffington Post reported in her article published last week that 17-year-old Jahmir Smith (pictured) is on pace to make it really big in life. Smith is a junior at Lee County High School in Sanford, North Carolina.

He’s also what you could call a “baby Beast Mode” on the Lee County High School football team. In 2016, Smith got picked for the News & Observer’s Metro Football Award as a running back for scoring 41 rushing touchdowns and racking up 2,130 yards on the ground during his sophomore year.

However, not only is Smith lighting up the scoreboard for his work as a superior physical specimen, he’s throwing down on those grade cards too. The Division One football prospect also has a 4.43 GPA and is one of the best students ever academically at Lee County High School.

Smith has been offered 33 full-ride college scholarships and he still has a year to go before he graduates high school. His high score on the SAT exam got him acceptance letters from all eight of the Northeast Ivy League schools. Smith told the Huffington Post in an exclusive interview that he definitely has a backup plan if he doesn’t make it to the NFL.

He’s interested in the medical field, particularly anesthesiology, according to Hill’s recent report. However, Smith observed the race-based challenges he faces as a young black man who wants to practice medicine in a world controlled by people who don’t look like him or come from his same environment.

“I know the odds are against me because of my skin tone and all, but I don’t really let it get to me,” Smith told HuffPost Black Voices. “I just stay to myself and try to help those around me. I’ve always understood since I was little that people would see me different,” he continued.

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