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NE-YO Co-Sponors Free Three-Week Summer Coding Camp For Kids In Silicon Valley

By Victor Trammell

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter NE-YO (pictured) made headlines several weeks ago when he made a sizable financial contribution to a Silicon Valley coding school with a good track record of helping students of color.

Upon investing his part of a $2.3 million dollar contribution into San Francisco, California’s Holberton School of Software Engineering, NE-YO was subsequently given the title of Board Trustee at this progressive technology institution. One of NE-YO’s driving pillars of focus with this endeavor was to help more youths of color become successful in the evolving world of tech.

The Holberton School’s first order of business after forming its star-studded alliance with an influential figure in the music industry is the Holberton Summer Coding Camp. NE-YO, as well as Holberton School co-founder Sylvain Kalache  are among the co-sponsors if this three-week event, which will be offered free of charge for 15 to 18-year-olds.

Enrollment in Holberton’s free summer coding camp for underprivileged youths in the San Francisco Bay Area is still underway. The event will be held at the Holberton campus in San Francisco’s financial district from June 26th to July 14th. Workshops are scheduled for Monday thru Friday from 9:30 am to 4 pm (PST).

“There are so many kids out there wondering what they can do to make their mark, wondering how they can succeed, especially in a super-charged area like San Francisco and Silicon Valley,” NE-YO said in statement, according to a May 30th press release published by NASDAQ’s GlobeNewsWire Media.

“Excited to have partnered with @holbertonschool on this. These kids are the future,” NE-YO also said in a Twitter post sent out on May 31st.

Another Holberton Stakeholder Making a Difference

Along with singer/songwriter NE-YO, Holberton School co-founder Sylvain Kalache (pictured above) is another primary sponsor of the upcoming Holberton Summer Coding Camp. In an exclusive interview with, Kalache talked about the rewarding experiences he has had working with underprivileged and minority youths.

Kalache is an established tech entrepreneur who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. One of his biggest passions is lining up disenfranchised Holberton students with opportunities of a lifetime at companies that offer lasting and rewarding careers.

“On one side, we have young people who are angry to succeed but are not given a chance. On the other side, we have successful tech companies looking for a diverse and qualified workforce. Holberton is connecting the dots between these two communities,” Kalache told

When asked about a more personal experience with one of the students at his school, Kalache told us a compelling story. His words read as follows:

“When one of my students told me goodbye as he was heading for his new life as a Software Engineer at one of the most prestigious tech companies in the world, I told him ‘enjoy your new life.’ That was a very special moment for me. This brave young man had come to Holberton financially broken, using his last few dollars in savings and living expenses in order to attend the school, seeking a new, better life. He left the school with maybe the most prestigious (definitely the highest-paying) job of the class. Holberton is rich in a very diverse crowd of people who are coming from all walks of life. Many do not fit the rigid education system and are labelled as failures. Holberton is only selecting students based on motivation and talent – nothing else. Our students come with no programming experience, and end up working for the best Silicon Valley tech companies.'”

If you are living in the San Francisco area, or will be staying there over the summer, you can still learn more about the Holberton Summer Coding Camp. Follow the Holberton School on Twitter here.

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