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Almost 90,000 Black Kids in FL Will Lose Health Care Access Under Trumpcare

By Victor Trammell

In the U.S. state of Florida, there are two elected Republican U.S. House representatives who voted for the American Health Care Act, a federal bill endorsed by the Trump Administration, which replaces the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare).

The two Republican U.S. House representatives are Mario Diaz-Balart and Carlos Curbelo. Diaz-Balart represents Florida’s 25th congressional district. Curbelo represents the 26th congressional district of Florida. Last month, the Miami Herald newspaper published an opinion-editorial written by Curbelo. In it, the 37-year old Congressman of Cuban descent justifies his rationale for defending the Republican health care bill known as “Trumpcare.”

“Before last week’s vote, I received strong assurances that major improvements would be made [to Trumpcare] in the [U.S.] Senate. I have been in contact with various offices in that chamber for weeks,” Curbelo wrote in his opinion-editorial. “The legislation before Congress today gets [our nation closer to a better health care system] though much work remains,” Curbelo also stated.

What Curbelo did not write in his opinion-editorial for one of Florida’s biggest newspapers is that Trumpcare would have butchered Medicaid funding for the most poor and vulnerable to the tune of $880 billion dollars. In Florida, this would have meant automatically eliminating health care access for nearly 90,000 black children who have parents that rely on Medicaid for their children’s coverage.

The Brandeis University Institute for Child, Youth, and Family Policy recently completed a study, which did the math on Trumpcare. The Brandeis University report clearly shows that Republicans in Congress and the White House grossly understated the far-reaching effects of their version of the Obamacare Act. Fortunately, for many, the implementation of Trumpcare is in limbo at this time after the bill eventually died.

“Nationally, federal eligibility rates (i.e., eligibility rates at federal minimum thresholds) would decline from 29% of children to 20% of children (a 9 percentage point decline),” read the Brandeis University study.

“Hispanic, Black, and American Indian/Alaska Native children would experience the largest percentage point declines in eligibility of 14, 12, and 13 percentage points respectively, while White children would experience the smallest percentage point decline (6 percentage point decline),” the report also reads.

You can read the full report on the Brandeis University study here.

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