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Initiative in D.C. School Teaches Black Boys Businesses Building Skills In Trump Era

By Victor Trammell

An elementary school in the nation’s capital has a special program in its curriculum, which instills entrepreneurship skills in young boys and teaches them how to navigate those skills in the new Republican Trump-led era.

Black Enterprise Magazine recently profiled The Boys Institute (TBI), a business building initiative that was launched at  Scholars Stanton Elementary School, which is located in Washington D.C.’s southeastern district. The D.C. Public School System is the primary sponsor of the TBI  initiative.

However, the preliminary startup capital for the TBI initiative was provided by 30 black men who donated money. The black boys enrolled in the TBI initiative are referred to as Kings. The founders of the TBI initiative are firm believers that pride and dignity for black boys start with how they address one another.

All TBI Kings take part in a kidpreneur program, which they eventually graduate from. The program’s principals believe that the public school system does not go far enough to teach its school children the fundamentals of business building and financial literacy, which are important benchmarks of American life and career success.

“Empowering black boys in the age of Trump is about more than reading and math skills. It’s about teaching them to develop and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to challenges that are specific to their communities,” Kezia Williams told Black Enterprise.

Williams is the founder and director of Black upstart, a socioeconomic empowerment organization that teaches black people about the enriching principles of entrepreneurship.

Black upstart played a pivotal role in the foundation of the TBI initiative, which held its first day of classes right after the presidential election of 2016. An important part of doing successful business is solving problems. The TBI Kings got the opportunity to do this by selling their own brand of bottled waters at this year’s Young, Black and Innovative event in D.C.

“This opportunity provided a real life experience for the Kings to taste and see just how great they are,” Marshall Pollard told Black Enterprise. Pollard is the director of the TBI initiative.

“Being in a room full of people who looked like them, some from and some not from ’round their way, ingrained a memory that instills hope and drive to continue to lead the fight for peace in their community,” Pollard continued.

Kidpreneurship is also something that can be accurately taught by parents in the home. For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,

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